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HAAS eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute Certificate of Completion

eKAMI HAAS Automation

If looking to advance, the HAAS Mill Operator Certification can be a game-changer! The certification offers several benefits that can help achieve success in the profession. By earning this credential, new career opportunities are unlocked that may have previously been out of reach. Moreover, the HAAS Mill Operator Certification is a symbol of dedication to your career.

National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

eKAMI is Nationally accredited with NIMS. Graduates receive 8 certificates. NIMS credentials benefit metalworkers by proving skills and knowledge to employers, leading to more job opportunities and higher pay. It also shows commitment to learning and staying current with new technology and techniques, leading to career advancement.

eKAMI NIMS Accredited

eKAMI Mastercam Certification

Mastercam is a sought-after CAD/CAM software used in various industries to design and program complex parts for manufacturing. Earning a Mastercam certification offers many advantages, including increasing job opportunities, improving productivity and efficiency, and boosting earning potential. Certification demonstrates to employers that an individual has gained the necessary skills and experience, giving them a competitive advantage over non-certified candidates. It also helps individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge, leading to more complex design projects and efficient programming. Moreover, certified professionals often earn higher salaries and greater recognition from employers, which opens up further career advancement opportunities.

eKAMI Mastercam image

eKAMI Robotics Certifications

A eKAMI Robotics certification validates expertise and knowledge in operating and programming industrial robots, increasing employability and career advancement opportunities. It also reflects commitment to professional skill development, leading to better job prospects and higher salaries. Certified professionals gain access to support and networking opportunities and gain valuable hands-on training. Overall, a eKAMI Robotics certification can boost a professional profile, increase earning potential and provide a solid foundation for a fulfilling career in robotics.


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